March 4, 2009

To My Papa

notice...he's getting more frosting!

This year my grandpa took his last breath. This post is in honor of Papa Dan.

For a long time my grandpa had Kennedy's Disease, a neuro-muscular disease. He had trouble swallowing his food and when he would swallow his food he would choke. In October of 2008 we went to Iowa to visit family and friends. While we were there my grandpa looked fine, but he would choke on his food and he was very weak. When he would breath we could here a gurgling sound in his throat. Around Christmas time the doctors told him he had aspirating pneumonia.

Last month my mom, sister, and I went back up North to help my grandma and grandpa, since my grandpa was being admitted into the hospital for the pneumonia in his lungs. My dad, against his free will, stayed behind to work. While visiting we made many trips to and from the hospital. He was on the ventilator for thirteen days when my grandpa finally made a decision. He wrote several notes to the nurses, but his last said something like this:

"I wish to resign. I enjoyed the opportunity. I have made lots of friends, my wife will agree with me. I refuse to continue intubations. I have been invited to a bigger organization."

Papa Dan, you are missed very much, but your spirit lives on in our hearts and always will be! I love you. Thank you all for taking time out to read about this man who changed people's lives. I wish all of you could have met this wonderful man.

God Bless you all!


  1. Great post. It is awesome to have patriarch in your family. I can see you loved your grandpa very much. Thank you for sharing.

  2. And Papa loved you so very much. As was evident in the bond that you two formed visiting the ducks on the golf cart, coloring together, making "matching" sandwiches and chocolate cake. He'll never be far from you!

  3. Beautiful post about your grandpa.

    I am loving your blog page. Keep up the good work.

    Love you and miss you!


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