April 23, 2011

Sad news!

OK everyone...after much thought...I have decided to leave Blogger!

But don't worry, because I'm moving to our family web-site:
Living intentionally

I'm sure you will find it enjoyable to read...Sydney might start blogging, Dad is thinking about blogging, and Mom has been blogging there for sometime!


OK...a little over a year ago I received a comment...below:

Guess Who :-) said...

Very nice pictures, Ali!

You have five guesses to guess who I am before I will tell you...

Ali Ann said...


Okay here are my five guesses:

1. Kassi
2. Hanna
3. Ilana
4. Margaret
5. Andrea

Alright spill the beans now, who are you?

The Hockey Game :D

As I told you all in one of my posts we had plans to go see a hockey game. Well we went...and had a great time (well...at least I did)! And as promised I did take pictures...a lot of pictures. So here you go and ENJOY!

Look who was my hockey spectator for the first few minutes of the game. The one the only...IZZY! (I absolutely love her! BTW: notice anything in my hair. Those are my feathers!)

OK...Texas Stars is on the left...and Milwaukee is on the right...and the referee is in the middle (sort of). We all had a great time!

...so did Izzy...she loved to watch the guys push each other around on the ice (so did her 16 year old sister :D)

This just gives you an idea on how many people actually came to the game. I wanna say it was like 5,923 (or something like that)!

Those are all the pictures I'm going to post...sorry everyone.

Happy Easter!

April 18, 2011

My new life

OK...what I'm about to tell you all may is really exciting for me, but it may be quite a shock to you all! Honestly I'm quite nervous, but here it goes any way! Actually before I tell you all, do you have any guesses? Alright here it goes...

...I gave my life to the Lord at church yesterday :D Are you shocked? Well here's my story:

When I was eight years old on May 2, 2002, I "accepted" the Lord into my heart the same night as my dad. Well I did it to make "mommy" and "daddy" happy. Two months later I was baptized...for the wrong reason too. At nine I gave my heart to the Lord, telling Him to hold it in His mighty hands. To give it to the young man He wants for me at the right time! But my struggles didn't start until I was about thirteen. At thirteen my mom and dad told me that I wasn't allowed to go to the youth group at the church we were going to at that time. Well as you may have guessed I was quite mad, and blamed everyone for it...even the Lord (very mature huh?). Months passed (I had repented already) and my parents told me that they didn't think it was a good idea that I was hanging around the friends I was associating with at our church. OK pause for a moment. The "friends" I had at the time weren't "bad" so to speak, they just weren't the kind my parents didn't want me to have. OK back to the story...well at this time I was secretly dealing with pride and rebellion. So I became extremely angry (inwardly) at my parents, my peers, our pastor (not sure why) and the Lord (this time I didn't repent). Again months passed, I turned fourteen, and was struggling. I had no idea why! We had started going to a new church, and there I met my three wonderful friends. As time went by and I started going to the high school AWANA group, I found my-self struggling a whole lot. I had stopped getting into the word. I was memorizing the verses I needed to know in order to pass the lessons on Wednesday nights, but I wasn't reading the Bible passages to go along with the lesson. I was secretly saying God's name in vain when I hurt my-self. When I turned fifteen things got even worse! I denounced God, telling Him that I didn't need Him, I could make it on my own! I was secretly saying words that I wasn't allowed to say out loud. I had invited a young boy to the high school AWANA group for the wrong reason. Which led me to wanting to give up my goal of purity. I was secretly listening to secular music. And a whole lot of other things! So when I turned sixteen, I started thinking really hard on why I was struggling. I couldn't understand it, when I had denounced Him a year ago my struggles weren't that bad (yeah right!). So yesterday our pastor asked "if you are 100% sure you were going to Heaven raise your hand". I didn't...but I did when he asked "if you aren't sure if your saved, but would like to be, then raise your hand". I did, and a sweet young lady took me to a room, showed me some verses that told me I was not saved, and explained everything to me. Then she asked me if I would like to be saved...and I said yes! It wasn't until yesterday that I realized that I cannot without Him. I needed Him badly! I'm so happy that I don't have to struggle anymore!

And since yesterday, there is a verse I absolutely love, and it is:

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new!
II Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

*I pray that you all have a marvelous Monday night!*

April 17, 2011

A year from today...

...Kellyn and Amber were united as one!

Happy 1st anniversary you two!  May the Lord richly bless you in the many years to come.

April 16, 2011

What we did today

Today was a long day for us...the day began with a visit to the psychiatrist, then we went to a family retreat.  Here are pictures from our day...hope you enjoy them :D

 At the psychiatric hospital they had a bunch of rose bushes.  So since I had nothing else to do I thought I'd get shoot some pics (this is only one :D).

 I love taking pictures of flowers...but this one is my favorite pictures.

 The family retreat was held at a Christmas Tree farm.  They had a lot of animals from ducks to horses!
Here are two baby goats that I fell in love with.

 This is another cute animal I fell in love with...isn't she CUTE?!?!

 Sydney and Mari posed for a picture at the end of a LONG line of Easter baskets.

 This is who I had charge over today :D  We had a great time finding Easter eggs together!  This was after she had found all ten.

OK...this is my favorite picture of a horse.  It's almost like he did this on purpose!

This Wednesday we will be going to the hockey playoffs, so I'll be posting pictures about that too!

Here are some of the pictures I posted above...but I messed with some of them!

*Hope you all have a sweet Saturday night!*