May 18, 2010

"Teenager" an unfair modern label - part 2

Four months ago I talked about the term teenager as a label, because people have such low expectations from us. This time I'll be talking about taking a stand for what you believe.

When I say take a stand, that doesn't mean stand up out of your chair, it means taking a stand for the glory of God. Don't take a stand to please men, but to please the King of Kings. Have you ever made a hard decision? The one thing about huge decisions is you really need to think about the choice you need to make. Will the choice you make please God or will it please men? Maybe this story about taking a stand will help you.

Katie is a young girl trying to live her life for Christ, but since she goes to a Public Christian School it is very hard for her to make the right decisions most of the time. As she was walking toward the school cafeteria she heard all kinds of gossip (mostly about the latest relationships). As she took a seat next to her best friend Carly. Carly started talking about the new girl in the eighth grade and how she won't even date. Carly asked for Katie's opinion on what she thought about the new girls decision. Katie was trapped, she knew that God tells us in the Bible not to gossip, but she also really wanted to give her opinion on this topic. She tried her best to change the subject, but it wouldn't work. Carly was insistent on getting an answer from Katie. So Katie told Carly that not going out on a date was such a wonderful idea, and with her answer she got up, took her tray, and sat next to the new girl. Soon Carly found out that Katie believed the same way the new girl believed in, and started mistreating Katie, by spreading rumors about her through the school. Right then Katie decided to associate with the new girl.

Katie took a stand for what she believed, she knew that #1 not only her parents, but God would not a prove of her talking about the new girl in a disrespectful way. #2 Katie believed in staying absolutely pure for the right man God had for her. Why she didn't speak about her decision with her so called friends, well she was scared.
Taking a stand may sound scary, but with out you even knowing, it may affect the lives of many, or it may not. Taking a stand is what this world needs from us young adults, especially in the world we live in today. Don't do the expected, do the UNEXPECTED :)

Join me in taking a stand and doing the unexpected!

In His unfailing love,
Ali Ann

P.S. Sorry I didn't post part 2 four months ago.

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